Ask us how we could achieve up to
70% emissions reductions for your business


The Carbon Advisory Service Ltd is an engineering company which specialises in identifying and implementing energy efficiency solutions that create significant cost savings in the OPEX of buildings.

We can achieve 40-70% cost savings in energy bills and carbon reductions, even before options such as renewable energy technologies are considered, through reliable and innovative engineering.

These reductions can be optimised by using existing refurbishment budgets, so the solutions we implement pay for themselves.

CAS offers multi-disciplinary services to the built environment and the evolving carbon market.

CAS was founded by Daniel Morrell, who is the Chairman of the company. Dan has 22 years experience of working with the carbon markets and was also an original founder of the Voluntary Carbon Market and founder and Chairman and CEO of The Carbon Neutral Company.

CAS’ core markets include global blue-chip businesses, UK businesses, IFI’s, national governments, and hotels and resorts.

Meet Daniel Morrell

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Watch Daniel Morell on UBrain TV as he discusses how he moved from advertising to using entrepreneurship to help the environment.



Billions of dollars are wasted every year in energy bills because buildings are badly tuned or poorly engineered. This also results in an approximate 1 gigatonne of unnecessary CO2 being released into the atmosphere globally each year.


There is global recognition of the need for urgent action towards reducing carbon emissions which is presently lead by the Kyoto Protocol that has been ratified by 192 countries.


The British government have pledged to reduce 2010 carbon emissions levels by a minimum of 60% by 2050. This will be done through the Carbon Reduction Commitment; a mandatory carbon trading scheme for public and private sector organisations that CAS has expert knowledge of.



This video Launched’s music channel with Swedish producer and DJ, Eric Prydz and his remix of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. interviewed Dan Morrell from climate change charity Global Cool who consulted on the video. The tune’s called ‘Proper Education’. The video has a deep green message. It focuses on climate change and the issues surrounding global warming. Set in a London estate, it shows a gang of young people breaking into local flats, in order to switch appliances off standby, change light bulbs for energy efficient alternatives and place bricks in toilet cisterns.

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