CAS works with high net-worth and ultra-high net-worth clients, as well as trusts and family offices. These clients are motivated by the desire for their homes and businesses to run more sustainably and cost efficiently. They may wish to align their home lives with the strong environmental claims being made by their businesses. Public profile clients can make powerful environmental statements.  

CAS can advise on mergeing lifestyle with sustainability. All services we provide for businesses are avalible to our private clients, including low carbon buildings engineering which can be applied to residential properties using the same principles as for industrial premises. We provide domestic procurement and fit-out solutions for building materials and technology in the home. We also provide landscape expertise and assistance for the creation of natural swimming pools, organic vegetable gardens, green roofs and wildlife habitats. We can also supply grey water and rain-water storage systems. Again, our services are provided on a bespoke basis, and we have the in-house expertise to implement the solutions we recommend as well as providing advisory services.