CAS through Carbon Gold, Co founded by Dan Morrell, can utilise the benefits of soil carbon and agricultural strategy in order to enhance soil quality and reduce reliance on chemical fertiliser. We also examine agricultural techniques for optimising energy crop production. 

CAS is able to undertake projects which involve coordinating work with sustainable agricultural specialists in order to establish best shade growing plants for future feedstocks for continued production of biochar (fine-grained charcoal which is high in carbon and resistant to decomposition) and agro-forestry co-planting products that could augment income and create sustainable food resources and income for local people. Biochar’s potential for climate mitigation, restoration of degraded soils and beneficial effect on soil moisture retention can make it an important part of agricultural and climate policy in developing countries. The availability of biomass for biochar production means that considerable amounts of CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere and stored permanently in the soil.