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Shell (Project 1)

For Shell CAS produced an energy efficiency report for the Advanced Fuel Research and Engineering laboratories in Thornton, UK. Senior staff members in the Sustainability Team commissioned the report. The report identified potential cost savings of £229,000 per annum and a carbon footprint reduction of 65%. This is a prime example of using the client’s existing refurbishment budgets, and so incurring little additional cost to the client so the CAPEX for our work was close to zero. The report was extremely well received by the client, and the CAS engineering strategy has now has been adopted as a company wide policy. Further work has been conducted for four buildings at Shell Tullos, Aberdeen, and one building in Amsterdam.

  • We saved £229,000 in their annual energy bills, achieved a 65% reduction in CO2, and kept the CAPEX close to zero.
  • This was all within a pre-budgeted refurb cycle at one of their main engineering centres.
  • CAS extended the relationship to include Shell’s Aberdeen offices and the Hague head office.

Shell (Project 2)

  • Low Carbon Energy Efficiency Strategy issued June 2010; we identified £368,000 cost savings and a 3000 tonne CO2 reduction at a £365,000 implementation cost and a 12 month payback period.